About Us

CHRISTINAIR TOURS CO., LTD. is a locally established company by a high experience Cambodian who has been in Travel Business for twelve years before opening his own company on 09 May 2000.

CHRISTINAIR TOURS CO., LTD. is the youngest Inbound Tour Operator in Cambodia, employed 9 staff with two offices in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Land of Angkor Wat, who are strongly motivated and handling efficiently inbound tours to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, incentive tours and exhibitions.

We have been in operation successfully with more than a hundreds partnering agencies worldwide. Our main markets are Eastern Europe, North and South America, Israel, Thailand, Indochina, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Due to our most reliable services, efficiencies in all needs of the customers, we become one of the most successful and youngest travel companies in Cambodia.